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What is the reason for the uneven thickness of blister and how to solve it?

The main advantages of blister packaging are: saving raw and auxiliary materials, light weight, convenient transportation, good sealing performance, and meeting the requirements of environmental protection and green packaging; It can pack any special-shaped products without additional cushioning materials; The packaged products are transparent, beautiful in appearance, easy to sell, suitable for mechanized and automated packaging, convenient for modern management, saving manpower and improving efficiency.

Verification of medical device packaging that you may not know

Sterile medical device packaging (final sterilization device packaging) is very important for sterile medical devices. It is the basic guarantee for the safety of sterile medical devices. It, together with the sterile device components themselves, constructs the safety and effectiveness of products to ensure that sterile devices can be effectively used in the hands of users.

Reliable protection of sterile packaging medical teweiqiang materials

Tyvek. DuPont cloth is the trademark of a series of sheet products of DuPont company. It is a spunbonded olefin spun and bonded by numerous fine polyethylene fibers. This unique spray spinning technology can produce light weight, high reflectivity, but very tough materials. Tyvek's advantages include: not easy to deform, soft and smooth, light and tough, excellent opacity, moisture resistance, water stain resistance, and no adhesive. It is a kind of material with a wide range of applications.

[sterilization packaging manufacturer] composition and structure of medical paper plastic packaging and precautions during use

With the requirements for environmental protection in the world, paper plastic packaging bags are slowly on the right track. What are the advantages of paper plastic packaging bags? Paper plastic packaging bag is a new type of packaging bag with high strength, anti-aging, high temperature resistance, moisture-proof, breathable, non-toxic and harmless. It is widely used in packaging food, fresh and frozen food, starch, casein, feed, building materials, chemical industry, mineral products and other industries.

[sterilization packaging manufacturer] the difference between iso3485 certification and 9001 certification in medical device packaging industry

ISO13485 is called "requirements of medical device quality management system for laws and regulations" in Chinese. As medical devices are special products for saving the lives and healing the wounded, preventing and treating diseases, it is not enough to regulate them only according to the general requirements of ISO9000 standard. Therefore, ISO has organized and issued iso13485:1996 standards (YY / T0287 and YY / t0288), which put forward special requirements for the quality management system of medical device manufacturers, It has played a good role in promoting the quality of medical devices to achieve safety and effectiveness. ISO9001 is not a standard, but a general term of a class of standards. It is all international standards formulated by TC176 (TC176 refers to the technical committee of quality management system). It is the best-selling and most common product among more than 12000 iso12000 standards. ISO9001 quality management system certification standard is a summary of the development of management theory and management practice in many countries, especially developed countries. It embodies a management philosophy and quality management method and mode, which has been adopted by more than 100 countries and regions in the world.

[medical sterilization packaging] overview and advantages of medical blister packaging products

"blister" is also called thermoplastic molding. It is a way of plastic processing and molding. Plastic molding is inseparable from molds. Due to different industries and requirements, there are different choices for the material of blister mold. Blister molds on the market are generally divided into four types: wood mold, plastic mold, copper mold and aluminum mold

[sterilization packaging manufacturer] 10 common jargons related to medical device packaging

the food and medical industries are closely related to people's lives and are everywhere. So how many terms do you know about medical device packaging?

[sterilization packaging manufacturer] basic requirements for bacteria-free packaging design

bacteria-free packaging refers to putting sterilized materials into pre sterilized or aseptically treated packaging containers according to product requirements, so that they can be stored in a specific environment that is air-tight, wind-tight or even light- tight, and can be maintained for a long time without refrigeration at normal room temperature.

How to choose blister plastic packaging to meet the needs?

[summary description] blister materials are widely used in food and medical treatment. How should blister materials be selected and used? Baojie editor will show you all~

Basic principle of sterilization packaging of medical devices

As a manufacturer of sterilization packaging for medical devices,Baojie co.,ltd has always focused on the R & D and design of sterilization packaging. What are the basic principles? Baojie editor will discuss with you!
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