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Take you through a comprehensive understanding of medical sterilization bags

Medical sterilization bags, as the name suggests, are sterilization packaging bags used in the medical field. They can sterilize the medical devices and items inside the sterilization bags through STEAM steam or ETO ethylene oxide, while also protecting the internal items and maintaining a sterile environment inside for a certain period of time (180 days) after sterilization.

Tips for using paper plastic sterilization packaging bags

Paper plastic packaging bags are often used in the process of disinfection and sterilization, and are an indispensable item in the supply room workflow. During disinfection, the exchange of air disinfection factors is carried out on one side of the paper. Due to material reasons, it also has a good microbial barrier function, and the plastic surface is visible to the contents of the package, making it clear at a glance and having good impermeability. When using paper plastic packaging bags, the following precautions can help teachers achieve twice the result with half the effort during the sterilization process

Chat with ChatGPT on the development trend of the pharmaceutical packaging industry

Recently, ChatGPT has become popular throughout the entire network, becoming the "top stream superstar" of the Internet. BAJAYPACK conducted a ChatGPT knowledge training and chatted with ChatGPT on topics such as the Chinese pharmaceutical packaging market and technology development level, as well as the development trend of the pharmaceuticalpackaging industry.

Use of self-sealing disinfection bag BAJAYPACK

A misunderstanding about disinfection bag The disinfection bag itself does not have the function of disinfection, not to say that it can be disinfected after being put in it. It needs to be used together with disinfection equipment. It essentially plays a role of sealing and isolation.

Autoclave - realize efficient sterilization

Autoclave is a kind of reactor operated under high pressure. According to the process requirements, there are two types of autoclaves with and without agitators. The structure of the former is the same as that of the mixing equipment. Its structural features are as follows: (1) the kettle body is a high-pressure cylinder with a thick shell. In order to resist high temperature and corrosion, it is usually made of stainless steel, and carbon steel or low-alloy steel is also used as the shell. Stainless steel is the inner layer material and can be directly made of composite plate or lining; (2) Generally, there is no hole on the kettle body, and the connecting pipe, interface and accessories are all set on the kettle cover; (3) The top of the kettle is equipped with a safety relief device, such as a safety valve, a bursting disc device or a combination of the two.

Analysis of keyed points in the development of medical device sterilization and packaging industry in China

It is estimated that the global market volume of medical sterilization packaging in 2017 was US $4 billion, and the North American market is the largest sterilization packaging market in the world, accounting for about half of US $2 billion; Europe and Asia are almost equally divided, each accounting for about 20% of the market share, and the remaining 8% is in South America. Due to the weakness of the medical industry, Africa cannot reflect its market share.

What are the product categories of medical sterilization non-woven fabrics?

The producers of non-woven fabrics are mainly concentrated in the United States (accounting for 41% of the world), Western Europe accounts for 30%, Japan accounts for 8%, and China's output accounts for only 3.5% of the world, but its consumption is 17.5% of the world. It is estimated that by 2007, China's output will reach 7% of the world's output, and its consumption will increase to 21% of the world 's.

How much is the price of medical sterilization bag? Baojie packaging high-quality products at a good price!!

There are many manufacturers of medical sterilization packaging, so which one is the best and most cost-effective??

Sterilization methods of medical devices

In daily life, each sterilization method has different requirements for medical device packaging materials. For example, for medical devices with long catheters, ethylene oxide sterilization may be difficult to reach the official cavity center, thus affecting the sterilization effect; Some medical devices with sensitive electronic devices may be affected during gamma radiation or electron beam sterilization, so don't let the wrong sterilization method destroy your medical devices.
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