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2024 Arab Health 1.29-3.1 BAJAYPACK BOOTH at Z4.H39

We will kick off from January 29th to February 1st, 2024 at the Dubai International Exhibition Center in the United Arab Emirates. BAJAYPACK at Arab Health. At that time, McGrady Parker will bring the sterile medical device packaging series to the scene. We sincerely invite you to visit and guide us, and join us in the grand event!

Dusseldorf Medical Equipment Exhibition, Germany 2023 MEDICA

Dusseldorf MEDICA is one of the world's largest medical B2B trade exhibitions, showcasing a wide range of innovative products and services from the fields of medical imaging, laboratory technology, diagnostics, health IT, mobile health, as well as physical therapy/orthopedic technology and medical consumables. BAJAYPACK will present its sterile medical device packaging series on site with booth number 7.0E15-1.

Take you through a comprehensive understanding of medical sterilization bags

Medical sterilization bags, as the name suggests, are sterilization packaging bags used in the medical field. They can sterilize the medical devices and items inside the sterilization bags through STEAM steam or ETO ethylene oxide, while also protecting the internal items and maintaining a sterile environment inside for a certain period of time (180 days) after sterilization.

Medical non-woven fabric knowledge

SMS non-woven fabric, also known as Spunbond+Meltblow+Spunbond Nonwovens, is made by hot-rolling a three-layer fiber mesh consisting of spunbonded non-woven fabric, melt blown non-woven fabric, and spunbonded non-woven fabric.

FIME By Informa Markets Exhibition Invitation BAJAYPACK

TIME:2023年6月21日-23日 location:Miami Beach Exhibition Center in Miami,USA Booth NO:H65 Opening soon Looking forward to your arrival


The Hospitalar, a leading medical industry event in South America, began in 1994 and is held annually. Since 2019, the exhibition has officially become an important member of Informa Markets, a world-renowned professional exhibition organizer. At this exhibition, BAJAYPACK will participate with the "All Star" lineup. We thank our partners for their constant companionship and support, and hope to expand cooperation and achieve win-win development in the future. provides one-stop sterilization packaging for sterile barrier systems for global medical device companies, while also committed to the research and development and production of sterile barrier system packaging products for medical hospitals and institutions.

Tips for using paper plastic sterilization packaging bags

Paper plastic packaging bags are often used in the process of disinfection and sterilization, and are an indispensable item in the supply room workflow. During disinfection, the exchange of air disinfection factors is carried out on one side of the paper. Due to material reasons, it also has a good microbial barrier function, and the plastic surface is visible to the contents of the package, making it clear at a glance and having good impermeability. When using paper plastic packaging bags, the following precautions can help teachers achieve twice the result with half the effort during the sterilization process

Chat with ChatGPT on the development trend of the pharmaceutical packaging industry

Recently, ChatGPT has become popular throughout the entire network, becoming the "top stream superstar" of the Internet. BAJAYPACK conducted a ChatGPT knowledge training and chatted with ChatGPT on topics such as the Chinese pharmaceutical packaging market and technology development level, as well as the development trend of the pharmaceuticalpackaging industry.

Use of self-sealing disinfection bag BAJAYPACK

A misunderstanding about disinfection bag The disinfection bag itself does not have the function of disinfection, not to say that it can be disinfected after being put in it. It needs to be used together with disinfection equipment. It essentially plays a role of sealing and isolation.

Performance of medical packaging materials! BAJAYPACK

The packaging material must be able to allow the penetration and precipitation of sterilization factors such as water vapor and chemical gas. Tight grid or woven pattern may cause difficulties in penetration or precipitation, which may cause potential wet package problems during pressure steam sterilization.
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