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Self Sealing Sterilization Pouch

Our products mainly contains sterilization pouch, sterilization reel roll, SMS/SMMS non-woven wrap, crepe paper, Indicator tape and strip, BD test pack and so on.
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Description: For the process of sterilization of materials by steam or gas
Features and Technical specifications:
1. Bag.
1.1. For steam and gas sterilization
1.2. Mixed paper made up of a combination of medical grade paper of at least 60 grams per
square meter, on the one hand and transparent polymer on the other.
1.3. That allows the penetration and diffusion of the sterilizing agent and resists the conditions
1.4. Have a porosity not greater than 0.1 microns.
1.5. It must be resistant to traction, punctures, abrasions, tears and manipulation.
1.6. Heat sealed, which allows a hermetic closure and easy opening.
1.7. Printed with indelible ink.
1.8. With built-in chemical indicator for steam and gas.
1.9. Free of toxic substances and does not give off fluff. (meet the standards
established international standards: BS, EN, DIN)

20" X 24" (500 X 600 MM)
12" X 16" to 18" (304.8 mm X 406.4 mm to 457.2 mm)
8" X 12" (200 X 300 MM.)
6" X 16" (150 X 400 MM.)
6" X 12" (150 X 300 MM)
4" X 12 " (100 X 300 MM)
3" X 10´´ A 10 1/2" (75 X 255 A 265 MM)
18" X 24" (450 X 600 MM.)
5 1/4" A 5 1/2´´ X 10 1/2" A 11´´ (130MM A 140MM X 260MM A 280MM)
12" X 21" A 22" (300X 550 MM )

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Self Sealing Sterilization Pouch
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